Flexor Tendon Laxity in Foals

Flexor tendon laxity in foals can range from slight to severe. In slight cases the foal may exhibit a slight dropped fetlock. In more severe cases the foals fetlock may drop to the ground. Each case is treated individually and treated as needed. When a foal exhibits slight laxity the foal typically resolves the problem on their own over the course of a few days to a week with exercise and movement. In more severe cases the foal needs more assistance in resolving the issue. The lower limb needs to be a concern (pastern & fetlock) as to not rub and cause sores. A bandage may be needed or additional bedding in the stall may suffice. Additionally trimming will need to be addressed as well as adding a glue on extension. There are shoes made for this purpose, however, depending on the size of the foal and the activity level a extension may be fashioned on out of products available.

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